If I start this blog without gratitude toward the people involved in my life, that would not be genuine. Because my identity, work and choice can be strongly attributed to people I’ve met and what they gave me. These interactions led me here to study in Madison.

First and foremost, thank you to my football teammates, staff and coaches in Japan. When I started football in 2008, I was a thin normal boy. Through all the hardship in the team, I attained attitude to work hard and never surrender.

Thank you to the people I met while overseas in places such as Boston, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe...etc. It was not long moment to be together with you. but I still feel connected to all around the world.

Thank you to the people I met in Nagoya. The city, Nagoya was the first place for me to start my career as a salesman in trading company. Fortunately, I had very good friends. Because of you, I feel that Nagoya is my second hometown.

Thank you to the people who worked together with me. You gave me kind support for me to develop my working skills, attitude, and spirit as a professional and also you were very patient with my faults.

Thank you to the people in the field of education. When I decided to quit my job and started to study for education, you accepted me so warmly to share extraordinary visions about education.

Thank you to my local friends. In these relationship, I can be myself and explore many ideas. All the conversation we had formed my foundation of personality.

Special thank you to my family. I have appreciated your sincerity as I grew up.

Lastly, thank you to people in Madison, especially roommates. Now I feel safe and comfortable with you guys. I started my academic career here very smoothly because you supported me a lot.

Here in the U.S., I am feeling nostalgic to the past. So I just wrote down at once so that I can deliver my sincere feeling to everybody.

With the sunset in Madison. See you next time!